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Bell button SDN0800121
Schneider SEDNA series

The Schneider SEDNA series is a combination of a variety of technically advanced products about in , created for people looking for comfort and security options for a home. Devices from this line have a wide range of functions, kt about re will help make life much more comfortable.

The designers of the Sedna series have thought about everything, especially about about you. The high quality of connectors and sockets is hidden in a small form (thickness is only 8 mm), and the use of colored frames allows you to adjust the appearance of switches to the aesthetics of the interior. The Sedna line means complete installation safety, durability and reliability.

Przycisk "dzwonek" SDN0800121


The product presented is a Schenider bell button with 250V power, threadless terminals, in white. The button is made of materials with increased resistance to the sun, easy to install and with LED backlight. The small surface and small thickness (only 8 mm!) Makes the product not only easy to clean, but also to find a suitable place for it.

Choose the Sedna line and the bell button from the renowned Schneider manufacturer.


Terminals: threadless

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