5-in-1 Ravanson water air conditioner with KR-7010 remote control

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KR-7010 / 5908293520739
A portable air conditioner for an apartment and office on hot days.
Klomator Ravanson z pilotem
- Cooling: (2 x ICE BOX included)
- Air humidification: evaporated water humidifies the air in the room.
- Air purification: the device filters fine particles, fibers etc. as well as air pollutants and nicotine from the air, thereby helping to create a clean and healthy environment.
- Horizontal spin: air-cooled is emitted horizontally at an angle of 120 °. The vertical direction can be set manually.
- Ventilation: the fan can be set in ranges depending on the type of ventilation and speed.
Panel sterowania klimatora
The device is energy-saving and uses only water for cooling: it does not use any chemicals and is therefore environmentally friendly. The device is easy to clean.

Opakowanie klimarora Ravanson KR-7010

- Low power consumption 60W
- No additional heat discharge pipes
- Water cooling
- The mobility of the device allows it to be installed in any room
- Remote control - allows for contactless control of all functions of the device
- It cools the air very quickly and makes it nice and fresh
The performance can be enhanced by using ice containers that are included in the kit. Remote control: The device can be operated by a remote control from 6 meters and at an angle of 120 °.
Pojemniki do mrożenia i pilot
- Power: 60W
- Control panel + Remote control
- 3 airflow speeds: high / medium / low
- 2 types of ventilation
- Timer 0.5-4h
- Air oscillation function
- Air humidification function - 0.5l / h
- Water pump cooling
- Air flow: 220 m3 / h
- Possibility to use cooling inserts - 2 inserts included
- Ice crystal cooling - possibility of using ice
- LED display
- Antibacterial water tank with a capacity of 7l
- Swivel casters and handles
- Overheating protection
- Product dimensions: 340x290x702 mm
- Product weight: 6.3 kg
Klimator KR-7010 pilot
Ravanson keeps you cool during the hot summer months. The air conditioner is energy efficient and uses only water for cooling, so no expensive refrigerants are needed. The water evaporates under the influence of heat which is carried away from the space to be cooled. Cool air is then sent back into the room. It is suitable for cooling rooms up to 20m2.

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