ART LED spotlight 20W 4000K white light

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ART LED 20 W spotlight - for the sake of the natural environment and your money

20 W LED spotlight is a device that will allow you to perfectly illuminate external spaces, save money and take care of the environment. Its service life reaches up to 50,000 hours! If the reflector worked 24 hours a day, it could work for over 2,000 days, or nearly 7 years!

In addition to the fact that the ART LED spotlight works for a very long time, it also reduces electricity consumption and has low heat emissions. In addition, it does not emit IR and UV radiation.

High quality and universal use

The reflector is characterized by high quality - both the housing and other components. It is waterproof, so you don't have to worry that it will stop working after the first heavy rain.

The reflector casts neutral and pleasant, and at the same time clean, white, clear light, thanks to which it perfectly illuminates gardens, courtyards, driveways, roads and communication routes. The light beam reaches 1200 lumens, and the reflector can shine at an angle of 120 degrees.

Technical specifications:

 - Manufacturer: ART
 - Manufacturer's symbol / designation: 4102050
 - Product type: LED lamp
 - Lamp type: External
 - Power: 20 W
 - Water resistance: Yes
 - LED type: SMD
 - Voltage: AC 80-265 V
 - Light color (K): 4000 (white)
 - Luminous flux power (lm): 1200
 - Beam angle (st): 120
 - Lamp width (mm): 180
 - Lamp height (mm): 140
 - Lamp depth (mm): 135
 - Other features: IP65 protection
 - Other features: No UV and IR radiation
 - Other features: Low heat emission. Low energy consumption.

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