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Avoid excess baggage fees, get a luggage scale

Who once got the pocket at the airport, paying for Excess baggage  he knows how severe such sums are. And that's why he knows that the most important thing when packing is luggage weight. Weighing the suitcase  at home before traveling will allow you to calmly pack up and avoid panic and repacking at the airport. Such scales are usually small and very light, so we can easily take them on a journey and weigh the luggage before the return journey. Let's first make sure exactly what dimensions and weight we can take with us  plane travel . Good organization when planning your trip is the basis for a successful start to your holiday.
elektroniczna waga bagażowa Eldom WB10

Eldom luggage scales have a reputation of being very accurate

At baggage check-in  luggage weight is a key issue. When buying airline tickets, let's check what, how much and how much luggage we can take with us. Home scales are not always reliable and it is extremely difficult to put a large suitcase on them. Luggage weight  is the perfect purchase before you go. Such devices are extremely easy to use, it is enough for the weighed item to have a handle. Such scales are also very accurate, the error limit for Eldom scales is about 50 grams. The weight alone weighs only 90 grams so you can safely take it with you on a journey, it will definitely be useful on the way back. It has a large and legible LCD display. In addition, it will show battery overcharge and discharge, and after weighing it will automatically turn off. An additional advantage is the measurement of room temperature

Waga bagażowa Eldom WB10 z wyświetlaczem LCD

 - LCD display
 - maximum weight: 50kg
 - scale accuracy: 50g
 - room temperature measurement
 - automatic switch off
 - reload indicator
 - battery discharge indicator

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