Maclean MCE952 Discriminated Metal Detector


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Become a real explorer

Wykrywacz metalu Maclean MCE952

Treasure hunters always have equipment responses

Have you ever dreamed of being like Indiana Jones or (more homely treasure hunter) Mr. Samochodzik? Or maybe summer is approaching and the prospect of lying all day in the sand scares you, because your family loves it? Stock up on  appropriate equipment and I guarantee you that you'll never get bored in the outdoors again. You'll love this thrill when you hear the squeak announcing the discovery in your headphones.

Wykrywacz metalu Maclean MCE952

 If you find the treasure hunter and adventurer, you have come to the right place, here you can get to know and take home the indispensable attribute of the treasure hunter. (be sure to take the shovel and spatula with the strainer home)

Wykrywacz metalu Maclean MCE952

Are you starting the adventure with a metal detector?

Maclean MCE952  is a device that allows objects to be detected  buried in the ground  or hidden in the wall or floor of a building. Comfortable to wear with adjustable shoulder length. The measurement results will appear on the analog indicator and you will hear a sound signal in the headphones. small  items will be detected  up to 30cm deep, larger up to 60 cm, and will find large dimensions up to a meter deep

Wykrywacz metalu Maclean MCE952

Wykrywacz metalu Maclean MCE952


Dimensions:78 ~ 106cm
Diameter: 19cm coils
Exit: headphone 3.5mm
Function:Metal discrimination (DISC)
Power: battery 1x9V (6F22)
Signaling:sound, battery consumption <8.8V

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