Clatronic DR 3280 pressure washer

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Cleaning can be quick, easy and pleasant

Myjka ciśnieniowa Clatronic DR 3280

Is it worth buying a steam cleaner for the home?

Cleaning a high gloss apartment can be extremely tedious and time consuming. How to get rid of annoying stains ? How to clean in hard to reach places? One of the solutions are  steam washers , which are increasingly appearing in our homes. AND what is a steam cleaner  and how does the device work? The steam cleaner works very simply. Before starting cleaning, pour water into a special tank and start the device. The water in the device is heated to the boiling point so that steam begins to form, then this steam under pressure is discharged outside . The best thing about such washers is that cleaning with them does not require the use of any detergents, which is extremely important for allergy sufferers and people who care for the environment.

Myjka ciśnieniowa Clatronic do samochodu

 - The device is comfortable and efficiently cleans, disinfects and degreases,
 - Produces four bar steam,
 - Has a 1.5-liter water tank,
 - Contains a durable boiler made of stainless steel,
 - Two control lights (power and availability),
 - the tank cover has a safety valve,
 - The device has overheating protection,
 - The pressure washer has a convenient on / off switch and a practical handle,
 - The device is easy to use
 - Steam regulator is located on the washer handle,
 - Easy running wheels
 - Has an additional lock button for continuous operation

Myjka ciśnieniowa Clatronic do okien

Which steam device should you choose?

The steam not only effectively cleanses dirt, but also fights bacteria and viruses. If you choose a good, functional from a proven company and it will be equipment with different tips then  you can clean the whole house with it  regardless of the type of surface being cleaned. The device described on this page Clatronic DR 3280 pressure washer  is very versatile because it is equipped with different tips.

 With it you can clean:

 windows, mirrors and all glass surfaces,
 car upholstery and furniture upholstery,
 sinks, sinks,
 shower cubicle.

Steam pressure washer  Clatronic DR 3280 will clear, disinfects and degreases , without leaving limescale or streaks left after cleaning.  Steam under pressure  we clean the four bars so efficiently that we leave behind a disinfected space free of all kinds of microorganisms. We will get rid of unpleasant odors and we can immediately use the cleaned surfaces due to the fact that we used a small amount of water for cleaning, which quickly evaporated.

Myjka parowa zawiera 10 akcesoriów

 - 2-part pipe (expandable and insertable)
 - Floor brush with fabric handle,
 - Wiper
 - 2 nozzle tips,
 - 2 round brushes - attachments of different sizes,
 - Funnel
 - Beaker measurement,
 - Integrated compartment included


Dimension: 670 x 260 x 285 mm
Power: 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption:1500 W
Weight: 5.50 kg

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