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Transmission speed up to 300Mb / s ensures smooth transmission of sensitive data (e.g. HD video transmission)
 The use of two antennas significantly increases the strength and stability of the wireless link
 The WPS button allows you to easily set up an encrypted connection
 Bandwidth control over IP addresses allows administrators to set traffic limits for individual computers

Router DSL TL-WR841N Wireless N

 Product use
 The TL-WR841N router operating in accordance with the N standard with a speed of up to 300Mbps allows you to create wired and wireless network connections. It is intended for small businesses and for home use. It uses 2T2R MIMO technology to provide unparalleled transmission performance, which enables smooth HD video transmission, VoIP communication and online gaming. The stylish casing of the device has a button that activates the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function. It allows you to activate a connection that uses the WPA2 encryption mechanism to protect your network against external threats.

 N standard wireless transmission - high speed and range
 Thanks to working in the IEEE 802.11n standard, the TL-WR841N router allows you to set up a wireless connection, which compared to products operating in the 11g standard is 15 times faster and covers a signal 5 times larger area. Wireless data transfer speed is up to 300Mbps.

 Better wireless operation
 Signal losses due to long distances or obstacles (steel or concrete walls of company or apartment buildings) have been reduced. In addition, unlike the 11g standard solutions, it is possible to create a long distance connection to a wireless network. The router allows high quality transmission requiring a large bandwidth, providing delay-free HD video transmission, VoIP communication and online gaming.

Router DSL TL-WR841N widok panela z gniazdami z tyłu

 WPA / WPA2 encryption
 WPA / WPA2 encryption protects your WLAN against external threats.
 WPS button
 Fast wireless encryption with one button.
 IP QoS function
 The bandwidth control based on the IP address allows the administrator to separate a specific bandwidth for each of the computers in the network.
 Easy configuration
 The router's clear configuration page allows easy installation.
Zdjęcie opakowania fabrycznego routera  TL-WR841N
Cechy sprzętowe routera  wifi TL-WR841N
TL-WR841N 300mbps widok z przodu
Funkcje TL-WR841N tabela


Dimensions:192 x 130 x 33 mm
Destiny:xDSL (cable TV, local area networks)
Frequency:2.4 Ghz
Number of wan port:1x RJ45
Number of lan ports:4x 10 / 100TX RJ45
Power:external power supply
Transmission speed:300 Mbps
Wireless standard:300 (Mbps) - 802.11n

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