Large moisture absorber 9x9 cm


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9cm / 9cm flat bag

The moisture absorber is a small bag, the look of which we all know well - even from the inside of freshly purchased shoes! This baby is necessary wherever moisture collects - and as a consequence microbes develop, responsible for the formation of fungi, mold and bad smells. The contribution effectively limits this process, so it should be used wherever it is necessary.

Moisture absorber due to its active crystals in reaction with moisture changes into a solution that is closed inside the cartridge. It should be replaced on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, moisture can condense in even the most airtight can, which is why we do not only use cartridges in shoes. Moisture ie p among others electronic devices, so we recommend using  poch moisture trap, kt about ry eliminates this problem and ensures our devices dry for safe operation.

A moisture absorber is a cheap insert that will be useful in every household.


Dimension: 9x9 cm

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