Gas burner lamp for 190 g cartridges TOPEX 44E140

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44E140 / 5902062996824
The TOPEX blowtorch (ref. 44E140) is made of metal. 190g propane-butane cartridges are used for the lamps. The heating temperature is 1350 ° C. The product has adjustable flame size. Gas consumption 180g / h, the power of the device is 1.9kW. It allows soldering to tin, aluminum, silver, shaping or bending pipes, plates, etc. Additionally, a lamp can be used to remove varnish, light the grill, loosen screws and defrost pipes.
Lampa lutownicza na naboje
Weight of the gas cartridge 190 g
Power 1.9 kW
Temperature 1350 degrees Celsius
Gas consumption 180 g / h

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