Letter box S6237 black, covered slot

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Correctly delivered correspondence means not only peace of mind related to the quality of the shipment, but also care for the place where it will be handed over to the addressee.
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The letterbox has a covered slot, which means that its interior is protected against weather conditions. This is especially important for classic letters and postcards that are not water-resistant and could be damaged in contact with moisture. The easily lifted flap has a specially profiled edge that facilitates its opening. In addition, it prevents the water running down the box or driving rain from reaching the upper gap between the door and the box, and thus water does not flow inside. In addition, the construction of the box has ventilation openings that allow for the automatic evaporation of excessive moisture that naturally settles on the walls of closed objects outside.
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COVERED COVER - the box has a drop-in, which is closed by a special tab that protects the correspondence against weather conditions.
ADDRESS WINDOW AND VIEWFINDER - on the front of the door, in a clearly visible place, there is a place where you can put an address marking in the form of a house or flat number or with your own name; also serves as a viewfinder for checking the contents.
2 KEYS - the set includes a pair of keys, so there is no need to add another copy if the box is handled by additional people.
FITTING ELEMENTS - the set includes mounting pins with which it is enough to screw the box through the holes in the rear wall.
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The door that opens to the front has a window where you can add an address marking. It also serves as a viewfinder to check if there is a package inside. However, the address marking should not be too high so as not to obscure the entire viewfinder. The door is closed with a lock with a closing lever and opens to an angle of 90 °, which allows easy access to the inside of the letterbox, and thus efficient removal of even larger correspondence from it.
The set includes two keys, so there is no need to add an additional copy if the box is used by more than one person. The mailbox also has special mounting holes. Using the supplied wall plugs, just screw it to the surface on which it is to be ultimately placed.
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The smooth surface makes the box easy to clean and does not collect excessive dirt in the form of falling dust or dust. The classic color of the box fits well with any type of surface, regardless of its structure and color.
dimensions (depth / width / height): 8.5 / 21.7 / 32cm
weight of the set: 1.25 kg
set includes: letter box, 2 keys, 4 mounting pins

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