Zinc spray paint Zinc Spray dark gray 400ml


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Bostik / Den Braven
Zinc spray Super Color Zinc Spray with a capacity of 400 ml. Creates a dark gray coating with a matte finish.
Cynk w sprayu Super Color ciemnoszary
Intended for cold galvanizing. It protects metals against corrosion, repairs damaged zinc coatings. Protects places of drilling, cutting and welding. Underlay for installations exposed to water and unfavorable weather conditions. It works well in sheet metal work, body and chassis elements, gates, fences, pipes, etc. High content of zinc and zinc compounds in the dry coating. Creates a dark gray coating with a matte finish.
Den Braven zmienia się w Bostik
Cynk Spray ciemnoszary
Capacity: 400ml
Color: matt dark gray
Type: spray zinc
High resistance to weather conditions
Long shelf life

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