GSM ANTENNA 16dBi UMTS / HSDPA ATK-16/2 with cable


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Antenna significantly improves the signal and thus the internet works incomparably faster with this antenna

ANTENA GSM 16dBi UMTS/HSDPA ATK-16/2 z kablem

Antenna with 10m cable, terminated with FME plug. Connectors for modems and GSM cards available for purchase (PLN 18). The connector can be selected and purchased on another page of our store. Extensions are also available if the length of 10m is insufficient.

 The ATK-16 / 2GHz directional antenna is designed for use in UMTS HSDPA systems operating in the 1.9-2.1 GHz band. It perfectly solves a typical problem that the signal where there is a laptop with a UMTS card or phone is too weak to work properly. In such a situation, it is usually sufficient to connect the antenna to the phone or modem to obtain a sufficient signal
ANTENA GSM 16dBi UMTS/HSDPA ATK-16/2 z kablem


Band: 1900-2100 MHz
Connector:FME socket
Diameter:fasteners [mm] up to 45
Impedance:50 Ω
Polarization:V / H
Radiation angle:in a coat. vertical E [o] 30, in the coat. vertical H [o] 30
Standing wave coefficient:<2

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