Soil substrate for orchids Kronen 5L Substrate Kronen 5L

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An orchid substrate is intended for a wide range of orchids and other epitaphic plants. The substrate for orchids is a composition of fractionated Mediterranean bark, chips, coconut fibers and Sphagnum, enriched with macro- and micro-elements, intended for the cultivation of orchids and most orchid plants in containers. It is a ready-to-use porous substrate with high water permeability and large air spaces. Drying quickly.
Ziemia do storczyków Kronen 5L
KRONEN Substrate for orchids, pH 6.5-7.0. Chalk-regulated soil pH determines the optimal conditions for the development and growth of individual plant species. Bag capacity 5 liters. Multicomponent fertilizer with microelements, completely soluble in water, easily absorbed by the root system.
Substrat do storczyków Kronen 5L


Bag capacity:5L

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