Self-adhesive UV 25m 30mm painting tape


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UV 25m 30mm
Smart Adhesive Tape
Adhesive tape with blue paper backing. Lightly creped with transparent acrylic glue. For indoor and outdoor use. UV resistant paper. A special water-based adhesive mixture allows easy application and removal after use. For spray painting.
Taśma samoprzylepna Tape UV
- UV resistant up to 14 days
- suitable for smooth surfaces
- does not leave glue
- adheres perfectly to the surface
Taśma samoprzylepna z niebieskim nośnikiem papierowym
Length: 25m
Width: 30mm
Color: blue
Weight in grams: 75 g / m2 ± 10% ISO 536
Thickness: 110μ ± 10% AFERA ​​5006
Adhesion to steel: & gt; 3 N / cm AFERA ​​5001
Rolling ball grip: & lt; 6cm PSTC 6
Elongation to break: & gt; 10% AFERA ​​5004
Tensile strength at break: & gt; 46 N / cm ± 10% AFERA ​​5004

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