Mini roller blind 110x150cm Eden 138 line guides


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Mini Roleta EDEN 138 - 110x150
Lazur S.C
Nosy neighbor peering through the window, sun shining directly on the TV, street lamps shining all night - who does not know at least one of these situations? Fortunately, there is a simple piece of advice that will deal with this problem - put on a mini blind!
Attention: The photo below of the mounted blind is for reference only.
Mini roleta zdjęcie poglądowe

Mini roller blind with very easy assembly

Installation of the mini blind we offer is simple and quick, it does not even require drilling. The whole is mounted on the hangers included in the set. Thanks to the system of string guides, the blind stably adheres to the window, and there is no risk that it will start to "fly" when the air moves when the window is opened.
Mini roleta Lazur 110 x 150cm Eden 138
We sell a mini blind in color here EDEN 138 , with dimensions 110x150cm . The color can be seen in the picture below.
Attention:  Depending on the display of the smartphone or computer, the color in the preview picture may slightly differ from the actual state. This is due to differences in the settings and parameters of the screens on which we display the photo.
Eden 110x150 mini roleta

How to choose the size of the blind?

Before buying, we recommend that you check the size of the blind. We measure the width of the glass, and add 3-4cm to the result. We measure the height from top to bottom of the window sash. If the blind is a bit longer, nothing will happen - all you have to do is not to expand it completely. It is important to pay attention to any protruding elements (e.g. door handles) that may interfere with the proper roll-out of the blind.
Here we sell a mini blind with dimensions 110x150cm  in color Eden 138. If you are looking for another blind, look at the rest of our offers: Click here!
Width: 110 cm
Length: 150cm
Blinds features:
Color: EDEN 138
Rapid assembly and disassembly (no drilling!)
Line guides
Aluminum bottom strip
They are suitable for tilting windows

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