AM / FM radio with alarm clock and bluetooth USB microSD

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Radio z bluetooth Blow w opakowaniu
FM Radio Bluetooth Blow RA2 receives in AM and FM frequencies - allows you to play music from a selected radio station or from a smartphone or other device using the Bluetooth function.
Radio przenośne analogowe AM/FM Blow RA2
The radio was also equipped with a rotatable telescopic antenna and volume control potentiometer. It also has an AUX input, a USB port and a microSD card port. The device has an original look, it will fit into any interior.
Radio z budzikiem oraz bluetooth
- Analog AM / FM tuning (AM 530-1600 kHz, 87.5 - 108 MHz)
- Telescopic antenna
- Bluetooth
- 3 inch speaker with excellent sound quality
- LCD display
- Alarm clock
- AUX input
- USB port
- SD memory card port
- AC: 230V / 50 Hz

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