Insecticidal lamp. It attracts and fights flying insects


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The modern insecticide lamp hygienically fights flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies and wasps.
Lampa owadobójcza 230V
It uses a specific wavelength of the light spectrum, highly effective in the fight against flying insects (active during the day and at night). The purple light used is completely harmless to humans and animals. Intended for use in private homes, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, production plants, warehouses, etc. Economical, thanks to the use of low energy consumption technology. Completely safe to use. Avoid contact with the electrical grid. The lamp is made of the highest quality materials, enabling the device to work up to 24 hours a day.
Lampa na owady latające
Product features:
- 230V power supply
- dimensions: height: 20cm, diameter: 8.5cm,
- length of the power cable: approx. 100 cm
- 2W power
- energy-saving technology
- very effective
- housing made of durable plastic
- safe to use

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