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Moje Auto
An excellent preparation for cleaning plastics with high efficiency. It cleans all elements made of plastic, not only plastic, but also linoleum, artificial leather, etc. You can clean the entire interior of your car with it. In addition, it revives faded colors, thoroughly removes stains, even the most bothersome ones.
Płyn do czyszczenia plastików 750ml Moje Auto
Leaves a pleasant scent. It does not require rinsing. It has a convenient atomizer that facilitates the application and even distribution of the liquid over the surface. It is safe for plastic elements that do not change their physical properties and retain their original appearance as a result of contact with the preparation. You can use it every day, whenever necessary to restore freshness and condition to the interior of your car.
Are you bothered by the omnipresent dust in your car?
The cockpit does not look good, it is covered with unsightly stains and dirt?
Faux leather upholstery does not shine like it used to?
We clean the interior of the car
Not only how your car looks from the outside shows that you care for your vehicle. Do you pay attention to what it looks like inside? Inside the car, just like in the apartment, there are particles of dust in the air. They are deposited on upholstery, plastic and linoleum surfaces. If you don't get rid of dust, a thick layer of dust forms. After all, you know that it is not safe for your health and that of your relatives traveling with you. Or maybe you have an allergy sufferer in your family who has to deal with a troublesome runny nose after each trip in your car? Clean your car not only of dust, but also of more difficult dirt. Choose the convenience of application and the effectiveness of the preparation for cleaning plastic.

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