Wireless alarm range of 120 meters

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Alarm bezprzewodowy centralka i czujnik
GB3400 wireless alarm system
Motion sensor with signaling - wireless, IP44, 120m
The motion sensor wirelessly (by radio waves) sends an impulse to the receiver, which by means of an audible signal notifies of motion detection in the protected zone.
Alarm bezprzewodowy centralka przód tył
- Maximum distance from the sensor: 120m (in open space)
- Power supply: Batteries: 3 x C (not included)
- Switch: Off / On
- Four alarm volume settings
- Alarm melody selection: 5 types
- 5V DC power adapter input (power adapter not included)
- Low battery indicator
- Sensor with built-in passive infrared sensor
- Transmitter: 433MHz, 150m range (in open space)
- Motion detection field: angle: 110 ° at a distance of 8m, (assembly at 1.2m height)
- Power supply: Batteries: 3x AAA (not included)
- Low battery indicator
Alarm bezprzewodowy czujnik PIR przód tył
Set contains
- GB3400 wireless mini alarm
- Mounting elements (screws, wall plugs)
- User manual
- Original packaging
- Installing a motion sensor outside the building allows us to control movement in its field of vision.
- The set is battery powered - no cables required.
- Ideal for home and professional use, at home, offices, warehouses, shops, construction sites and more.
Alarm bezprzewodowy GB3400 opakowanie


Motion detection:Yes
Motion detection range:angle 110 ° at a distance of 8m (installation at a height of 1.2m)
Range:up to 120m

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