Fluting jugs

A jug with a water filter is one of the accessories that positively affect the functionality of our kitchen. They are associated with economy, ecology and a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of using a water filter kettle can be multiplied. It is used to clean tap water from chlorine and mechanical particles from water pipes. Its action has a positive effect on the taste, smell and color of water. Tap water filtered through such a tank is suitable for consumption, and even – according to the assurances of manufacturers – has better properties than bottled water bought in stores.

Water filter bottles

The assortment of the Wasserman store includes both jugs and water filter bottles. They allow you to clean the tap water from stone, which positively reflects, for example, on the taste and smell of tea, the full aroma of which can finally be extracted. Using filter kettles, we care about health, but also protect kitchen appliances, because we limit, among other things, the stone deposited in the kettle.

Bottles with a water filter are handy accessories that every person who leads a healthy lifestyle should have with them. In this way, it is easy to stay properly hydrated throughout the day, while the water we consume is purified on an ongoing basis by a reliable, replaceable carbon filter.

Filter jugs from well-known manufacturers – Dafi, Brita

The Wasserman store offers, among others, bottles and jugs with a Dafi filter. They consist of two parts: one intended for tap water and the other storing already purified water. They also have a manual indicator that allows you to set the date of the first use of the replaceable filter.

On the Wasserman website you can also find a Brita filter jug. It is available in many different colors and sizes, so everyone will find the perfect one that suits their needs. The jug purifies water not only from stone and chlorine, but also from metals such as lead or copper. By using such a solution, we do not contribute to plastic pollution of the environment, while taking care of our health and well-being.