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Car vacuum cleaners are very practical equipment, because they are useful not only for cleaning cars. Mobility seems to be their main advantage. They are light, ergonomic and easy to reach in every nook and cranny. You no longer need to go to the car wash every time just to let its employees clean the interior of our car. We might as well do it ourselves in the garage or in the driveway of our own home. The Wasserman assortment includes both cable vacuum cleaners and wireless car vacuum cleaners.

Wireless car vacuum cleaners

There should be a car battery in each garage. Such devices are not limited by the length of the cable, so you can easily use them anywhere. This makes them very handy, easy to use and convenient to use. Hand-held car vacuum cleaners are compact, so you can reach them even in the most difficult places. They will be used to clean the upholstery and make it easier to vacuum the fur, and people traveling with a dog do not have to explain how tedious this activity can be.

We will also use the wireless vacuum cleaners in the apartment. They provide a solution to the problem of dusty sofas or armchairs. The Wasserman store even includes vertical wireless vacuum cleaners that function like traditional ones, but do not have a tangling cable. Above all, they are light and small, which makes cleaning as easy as never before.

Car vacuum cleaners from well-known manufacturers - Camry, Teesa, Clatronic, Import

Wireless vacuum cleaners available in the Wasserman store are products of known and respected brands. They are characterized by high quality and reliability. Camry car vacuum cleaners are simplicity in its pure form. The minimalist design and transparency of the functions translate into cleaning comfort. Just charge the battery to calmly clean the interior of the entire car. Teesa car vacuum cleaners are a two-in-one solution. First of all, they can be used to clean upholstery, armchairs or the trunk, and secondly they can be combined with a vertical suction cup and used in home cleaning. On the other hand, Clatronic car vacuum cleaners are distinguished by German quality and reliability, which has already been appreciated by many customers.