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Nowadays, air purifiers do not need to be advertised to anyone. There is a lot of talk about smog, but still not much is done about it. So we try to protect ourselves. We buy anti-smog masks and home air filters. It is worth noting that devices of this type not only protect us from smog, but also eliminate the harmful effects of mites, dusts and other contaminants. The Wasserman store also has purifiers equipped with a very useful ionization function.

Air purifiers with ionization function

An ionizer air purifier is a device that, by producing negative ions, contributes to catching impurities. It neutralizes the presence of positive ions generated by electrical equipment and attracting allergens present in the air, fungi and mold germs. An additional benefit of using air filters for the home is their production of ozone, which eliminates odors. The operation of these devices has a positive effect on our well-being and health. Models available in the Wasserman store are multi-stage filters guaranteeing the purification of air from dust, chemicals, microorganisms, mold cells and mites.

Air purifiers from well-known manufacturers - Camry, Mesko

Home air filters offered by Wasserman store are high quality devices manufactured by well-known brands. Such manufacturers as Camry or Mesko are very popular and successfully combine an affordable price with the functionality of their equipment. Air purifiers will be useful in every Polish apartment, especially during the heating season. This is the time when opening windows causes flue gas from chimneys and exhaust pipes to enter the interior. Even if we do not allow this, our homes are not free from harmful pollution. They lack proper airing. At such times, it is worth using the proven solutions in the form of Camry or Mesko air filters, which you can buy in the Wasserman store.