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If you have a garden, you probably can't do without the right tools. The tools are lost, destroyed, there are more modern versions, so there is always a reason to look into the section with gardening accessories  in the Wasserman store. You will find here everything you need for gardening and more, from wheels to wheelbarrows, through cutting lines to meters and carts.

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 Among these "thicker" garden accessories we stand out wheelbarrow wheels . We can divide them into pumped and foam ones. Each will be better in different conditions, pumped will be ideal for wheelbarrow riding on a smooth surface, even without sharp protruding edges. Foam wheels work on debris, uneven surfaces in places where there is a risk of puncture. When buying a wheelbarrow wheel also check its width and you can choose the color. If you are not sure which wheel size you need or on which tube to bet, please contact our sellers, they are well versed in the subject.

 Other gardening accessories
 In our store, apart from pumped wheels, foam wheels and tires with an inner tube, you will also find other extremely useful tools. How to do without cutting line to the trimmer ? Our lines are compatible with both current and combustion devices. Lines come in different colors (yellow, orange, blue). If you water your garden, you know how tedious it is to drag behind you watering hose . And you can buy a great cart for him. The trolley was made of the highest quality, resistant PVC and lightweight aluminum. And thanks to the use of such materials, the trolley will easily serve you for a very long time. When planting flowers or vegetables, it would be good to know what acidity the soil has on our beds. With a device for measuring soil acidity, it will be simple and quick. Pocket pH meter for the ground is a small and compact device that allows you to know the reaction of any soil. The meter does not require batteries or liquids. Knowing the pH of the substrate will greatly facilitate our planning and later maintain such conditions that will be optimal for our crops.