Others for the garden

It's hard to imagine effective work in the garden without the right tools. These, however, like all utility equipment, may deteriorate with use. It is not difficult to imagine a broken shovel, wheelbarrow, from which a wheel will fall off, or a grass trimmer, whose cutting cord will dull. In such cases, the replacement of all equipment is pointless, while replacing only a non-working element seems simpler and more cost-effective. That is why we offer garden accessories in our store.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - Geko

Among the garden accessories we distinguish wheelbarrows. We divide them into two types:

  • Pumped wheels

  • Foam wheels

The first type is used primarily when driving on smooth surfaces, devoid of elements that threaten to puncture the tire (e.g. home gardens). However, when the wheel is pierced, the tire can be replaced quickly without buying a new wheel (we recommend brand tires Geko ). Foam wheels are much more durable (recommended for wheelbarrows used on construction sites, i.e. places often covered with rubble, full of sharp metal bars, etc.). When choosing a wheel for wheelbarrows, we should pay attention to its width - the wider one will cope with obstacles easier, but it will be more difficult to maneuver, putting more resistance.

Gardening accessories


in our store you will find various gardening accessories: in addition to pumped wheels, foam wheels and tires with an inner tube, we offer cutting lines for grass trimmers. They are compatible with both electric and combustion devices, and their versatility is also reflected in the fact that they can be adapted to most heads. Lines in different colors (yellow, orange, blue) are 15m long and differ in diameter (1.6 mm, 2.65 mm, 3 mm). The flexible line is susceptible to great swing force, and its hexagonal shape gives the edges greater sharpness, making the line cut through grass and smaller shrubs like a hot knife with butter. Garden accessories are useful replaceable items that you should have in your garage for rainy days.