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In the office supplies section of the Wasserman store you will find everything that can be useful in all kinds of office work. Sometimes it is not enough just a pencil and a pen, today times require more diverse equipment. Here you will find shredders, laminators, safes and office lights.

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 Top lighting is not always enough and then office lamps are helpful, and the best lights are those with additional functions to not collapse the desk with a million trinkets. Our sample desk lamp is a high-class LED lighting with a display that shows the current time, date and temperature. We can also set a small nap to regenerate weakened forces and we will be woken by an alarm just before being caught by the boss. When we finish working with our very important papers, it would be good to hide them well? We offer the Opticum ECLIPSE safe, a biometric safe, made entirely of steel with pre-drilled holes for screwing to the wall or floor. We open it with either a PIN or patent key or our fingerprint. It doesn't have to be only our finger, the safe will remember as many as 20 different prints. And if the papers are no longer needed, it is better to destroy them, and nothing will destroy the papers as much as our shredder. The shredder will cut the paper into scraps with a width of 7 mm, that's not all, you can also destroy foil, bank cards and CDs and DVDs. Equipped with a reverse and autostart function, it will fulfill all the confidence you place in it.

Laminators and scanners
 Laminating is an extremely useful thing, it protects documents from tearing and protects against dirt, grease and water. The device laminates cold and hot. Extremely simple and quick to use. The next device in the accessories section is necessary for everyone scanner . But this is not just any scanner, because it is mobile. He is the perfect helper for everyone, because it will save not only time, but also money needed for photocopying volumes of books and term papers. Agents, sales representatives and everyone else working in the field can scan all the necessary documents directly at the customer. Each of the SCANLINE users will definitely find another, individual application for themselves. There is a bundle of cables in every office and in every home, you can keep them in line with the help of a cable organizer. It's a great idea for cable separation on the desk and next to everyday devices. You will find a set of six Velcro straps.