Shovels rakes shovels

At Wasserman you can stock up on reliable shovels, shovels and rakes. These are tools that sometimes everyone in a detached house must reach for. Most often they are useful for gardening, but they can also be used in construction works. The offer includes both metal coal shovels and plastic snow shovels. There was also a rake. All tools are characterized by durability and long life. You can use them without worrying about their immunity or your own safety. High-quality materials were used for the production of spades and rakes.

Metal carbon shovels

Spades are available in various variants - including straight or sharp. Depending on the type of work we do, we will reach for another shovel. Sharp shovels are better for garden work, and flat shovels for shifting coal or sand. They are made of high quality hardened steel. So you can operate them without fear of mechanical damage. They will work well even in the most advanced works. The surface of the shovel is adapted to its purpose - sharp shovels have edges enabling them to be driven into the ground, and the carbon shovels have a wider surface and higher sides of the working part.

Spades, shovels and rakes from well-known producers - Geko, Import

All tools in this category are products of famous brands. An example would be the previously mentioned Geko coal shovels. But not only. In addition, the offer includes Import snow shovels and Geko metal rakes. The first ones will work in winter, because they will allow quick and convenient removal of snow. Due to the nature of this work, the shovels are lightweight, thanks to which snow removal is not so difficult. Rakes, in turn, are a fairly universal tool that usually allows you to control your garden disorder. Metal teeth, unlike plastic models, are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage.