Shovels rakes shovels

In the Wasserman store, you can choose between different types gardening tools there are also modest, but much needed spades, shovels and rakes. These are tools that sooner or later anyone who has freestanding buildings will reach for. These tools are useful not only for flares in gardens, but they are also irreplaceable during renovations and construction. You will find metal coal shovels and plastic snow shovels. All tools are characterized by strength and long life, because high-quality materials were used to make them.

Metal carbon shovels
spades come in various variants are straight spades and are sharp. Depending on the type of work we do, we reach for another shovel or spade. Sharp spades will be better for gardening, and coal or sand shifting - flat shovels . They are made of high quality materials, so you can operate them without fear of mechanical damage. They work well even in these more advanced works. The surface of each shovel is adapted to its purpose, these sharp shovels have edges that allow them to be easily hammered into the ground, and the coal shovels have a wider surface and higher sides of the working part, so it is better for working with loose materials. By doing one work with different tools, it is very easy to find out how much more convenient, efficient and faster the robot goes with the tool designed for a specific job.

Spades, shovels and rakes from well-known manufacturers - Geko
All tools in this category are products of famous brands. Just like the Geko coal shovels mentioned above, but not only. In addition to them, you will also find in our offer snow shovels . Our shovels are made of steel and plastic resistant to weather conditions. The width of a larger shovel allows it to be successfully used as a snow bulldozer. But it is not everything! Snow shovels have, because the ice breaker made of thick steel sheet. The working part has been sharpened. They are intended for breaking ice and packed snow. It is worth having such equipment on hand, because it will not take much space in your cell phone or garage, and it will allow you to deal with snow quickly and efficiently. Don't be like our road builders, don't be surprised by the rainfall. No matter if you buy a shovel, shovel or snowblower from us, you can be sure of the right choice. We guarantee it to you and the producers of the tools and devices we sell.