Pruning trees, cutting wood for the fireplace, amateur carpentry? The chainsaws available in the Wasserman store offer can handle all these tasks. These are devices whose operation will not cause problems even for amateurs. The products are light, intuitive and efficient. You can get both a petrol model and an electric chainsaw. Each of these tools will work in slightly different circumstances.

Electric wood saw

They are enough for garden work electric chainsaw models . In the Wasserman store you can get, for example, an electric saw with a boom for branches. Thanks to it, we can easily handle pruning tree crowns on our plot. It is characterized by ergonomic shape and economical use. It does not require gasoline, it only needs electricity to operate. It is adapted to the needs and possibilities of novice users. Thanks to this, even people who have no experience with such tools can use it. You should also be interested in the John Gardener electric wood saw. It will be useful for cutting logs for the fireplace - instead of bothering to swing an ax, it is better to divide the wood into equal pieces.

Chainsaws from well-known manufacturers - John Gardener . Powermat . Dedra

In addition to the aforementioned John Gardener brand in the Wasserman store, you can find Powermat chainsaws. It is a manufacturer who pays a lot of attention to the quality of its devices, but also to their price. This policy means that everyone can afford decent equipment in their home. An example would be a petrol chainsaw from this brand. It is definitely more powerful than electric models. Thanks to this, it can cope with even more serious gardening and carpentry works. It will allow fast and safe cutting of wooden elements. It has an anti-vibration function and a safety brake, so you can use it without fear, and work with it will be as comfortable as possible.