Cable testers

Wiring problem? The first step to eliminate the fault is, as always, the correct diagnosis. It is worth remembering that the cables are delicate elements and they can be easily damaged, even when checking their condition. Therefore, in such cases it is best to inspect them without disturbing their isolation. How can this be done? Cable testers will be indispensable. With their help, you can easily find the cause of cable problems. This in turn will help you solve them. In the Wasserman store you will find instruments for controlling various types of cabling.

HDMI cable testers

The HDMI cable tester, which can be found in the Wasserman offer, is a practical device that allows you to diagnose problems with connection of contacts. In addition to the main unit, the user has a remote unit at his disposal. This solution enables a connectivity test for 19 wires of cables with A HDMI plugs. It can be used to check the condition of both cables in installations and loose ones. Individual LEDs of these devices will inform you about the communication status, possible lack of connection, a problem with crossed wires or a short circuit. The HDMI cable tester is distinguished by an ergonomic shape and is available in a set with a functional case.

Network cable testers

A different type of conductor can be checked with network cable testers. These are devices that you will use to measure LAN cabling continuity. It will allow you to detect faulty connections, short circuits and interruptions. You will use them for cables with standard RJ45 and R11 plugs. One end of the cable is connected to the body of the tester and the other to the terminator. After starting the equipment, it checks each wire separately and signals the test result with the appropriate diodes. The kit comes with a case, thanks to which both tester units always remain in the same place.

If you want to diagnose wiring problems in your apartment, get yourself reliable testers and save yourself unnecessary work and nerves. They will allow you to easily eliminate any defects.