Metal detectors

If we have ever been on vacation by the sea, we probably associate a similar picture - people sunbathe, lounging on towels and deckchairs, children joyfully splash in the water, and from time to time a mysterious man appears with an even more mysterious device that he scans beach piece by piece. This device is a metal detector that informs about treasures buried under the sand (or, unfortunately, equally often, metal cans and other trash).

Metal detector with discriminator


metal detectors with a discriminator are a convenient solution for everyone who dreams of finding a treasure buried underground or hidden in the floor or wall of an old house. Adjustable arm length, waterproof coil (nineteen centimeters in diameter), analog measurement indicator and universal headphone input (thanks to which metal detection will be signaled by sound) - these are the features that make metal detectors with a discriminator convenient and reliable devices. By using this equipment, we have a guarantee that small metal objects are detected at a depth of 30 centimeters underground, larger ones up to 60 centimeters, and those with the largest dimensions can be found if they are buried even one meter underground.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Maclean, Xtreme

Metal detection equipment is simple to use and can be powered by just six AA batteries (commonly known as "sticks"). The device distinguishes between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which significantly facilitates the work. Besides brand metal detectors Xtreme In our offer you will also find manual metal detectors of the brand Maclean . These handy and small devices are used primarily in security control - similar models are used by security guards at airports and other buildings, where carrying metal (and therefore potentially dangerous) objects is strictly prohibited. A hand-held detector can inform the user about metal detection with a sound signal (which can be turned off if necessary) or a flashing LED.