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The Wasserman store offers professional breathalysers. Having such a device at home and using it is a responsible decision, if the day after drinking alcohol we intend to get behind the wheel of a car. There are accidents involving drunk drivers in Poland every day, and many of these events end tragically. An infantile decision to drive under the influence of alcohol can destroy your life and yourself. At best, you risk losing your license. A good breathalyser is a guarantee of security and safety.

Breathalyzers, electrochemical or semiconductor?

Breathalyzers in the Wasserman online store are characterized by high measurement precision and reliability. The offered devices are electrochemical breathalyzers. Their advantage over semiconductor models is greater accuracy and less frequent need for calibration. The breathalyzer sensor should be adjusted from time to time to give certain results. Breathalyzers store sends to the customer already calibrated, and in addition the manufacturer provides free calibration throughout the warranty period of the device. Sensors of electrochemical models must be adjusted at least once a year or every 500 measurements. Sensors of solid state breathalyzers - almost twice as often.

Breathalyzers with a certificate

The device offered by Wasserman is a certified breathalyser. It measures quickly and gives a 100% reliable result. The most commonly recommended breathalyzers are electrochemical breathalyzers - such as are used by the police. They have a lower risk of error and less sensitivity to battery discharge. If in doubt, before you buy, you can visit the breathalyser store to get professional advice. A breathalyzer can be purchased online at the Wasserman store. It is worth having a device of this type in your apartment, because often despite the feeling of sobriety, alcohol remains in our body for a long time. We should check our condition before setting off. We have this option at every police station, but sometimes it is difficult to get there. Therefore, having a personal breathalyser is a very convenient and responsible solution. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Overmax.