Metal detectors

The term metal detector covers not only detectors that we know from programs about treasure hunters, but also, for example, small current cable detectors. If you are starting your adventure with searching or you need a cable detector, because it's time to replace the installation, you've come to the right place. In our assortment you will find both.

Metal detector with discriminator

Metal detectors with discriminator a device for those who dream of being like Indiana Jones, or want to find a treasure buried underground or hidden in the floor of an old house. Adjustable arm length, waterproof coil, analog measurement indicator, universal headphone jack are all features that will make customers eagerly reach for this type of metal detector. If you decide to use such equipment, you will be guaranteed to detect metal objects hidden at a depth of 30 centimeters underground, larger items can be found by the detector up to a depth of 60 centimeters, while those with the largest dimensions can be found, even if they are buried one meter underground.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Maclean . Xtreme

Metal detection equipment is generally quite simple to use. Usually they are powered by AA batteries (popularly known as "fingers"). The detectors we sell require six such batteries. The Xtreme detector can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and the MacLean metal detector, small and handy, is very often used as a device for checking security gates. In addition to such detectors, our offer also includes detectors for detecting cables in the walls. It is enough to put such a detector against the wall and we are sure that we can drill safely. Such a baby can find a break in the wires, identify wires going in bundles, check telephone cables and find damage to the wire.