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A drill is probably the only electric tool for which we can buy so many different accessories. This device is extremely useful not only for drilling, but also for grinding, mixing or stripping, rust removal and polishing. The Wasserma store offers not only drill - screwdriver , but also a lot of accessories for it, drills for wood, concrete and metal, bits, i.e. screwdriver bits, grinding wheels . foraminifera and polishers.

Drills and holesaws from reputable tool manufacturers Dedra . Powermat

In our rich offer you will find drills for all types of material, drills for wood, concrete and metal. The feather drill bits are used for drilling in wood, the crown drill bits for making holes with relatively large diameters, and the widia drill bits for drilling in concrete. Metal drill bits are made of HSS steel. Their blades do not protrude to the sides. For everyday work, we can choose multi-purpose drill bits, which will work well, for example, when drilling in masonry, tiles, wood, thin metal and light concrete. It is also the optimal choice when drilling multi-layer materials. But with none of these drill bits you will drill a hole larger than 1-1.5 cm in diameter. We offer holesaws and core drills for this purpose. Standard holesaws look like wide ring-shaped saw blades. The holesaw blades can be hardened or made of high speed steel with a cobalt additive. You can buy cut or full holesaws. The equipment for the hardest material is core drills. They can handle ceramics, concrete, and even stone. They have the shape of a metal sleeve with a tip made of sintered carbides. The more expensive of these holesaws are covered with diamond dust and are intended for stonework.

Why Invest in Drill Kits?

Sets are a practical alternative to single pieces. The advantage of such sets is their compactness and availability. This is of great importance especially for those who use drills and bits to perform their daily work duties. Depending on what you need, you will find sets of drill bits for metal, wood or concrete. Each piece in the set has a different working length and a different diameter. All this means that at any time you can do it, you have a tool with which you can drill a hole in any material and of the desired size. In our store you will receive a number of proposals in terms of size, number of pieces and type of tools in the set. Before choosing, check what is included in which kit. Some include screwdriver bits, nut adapters, chisels, or hole saws. All tools in these kits are made of high-quality metals.