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Do you want to try your hand at glaze? You will need professional equipment. Thanks to tile cutters work will be light and pleasant. The Wasserman assortment also includes drill sets that will allow you to easily prepare holes in tiles. With the help of these advanced machines, you can place tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. Do you want to feel proud of a job well done and also save on specialists? Do it yourself!

Tile cutters

To tile a room, you must first prepare the tiles properly. Laying them is not complicated until there is not enough space for whole tiles. Then you need to take care of cutting them. Don't move without the right equipment! Tile cutters are so-called hand guillotines. Their operation is very simple and their operation effective. The tiles are cut with a round blade moving along the guide. Light pressure allows the tile to break exactly along the line. The functionality of this machine is that its operation does not require electricity or any special equipment. It also does not produce dust that is generated using an electric guillotine.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - Dedra

Tile machines available in the Wasserman store are products of the well-known brand Dedra . Her articles are characterized by reliable operation. They are trouble-free and can serve you for many long years. Cutters from this manufacturer provide smooth and precise cuts both along the tile, as well as across or diagonally. The stable aluminum base prevents the tool from slipping on the surface, and the rubber grip on the handle provides a better grip. All these features determine that not only professionals, but even amateurs can work with glaze. The store's offer also includes drill sets that allow you to prepare holes in tiles using hole saws of various diameters. They are coated with tungsten carbide, which is cheaper and harder than the diamond often used for this purpose.