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In the Wasserman online store, you can buy useful tools, among which are universal pliers, pipe cutters and cable crimping tools. Accessories of this type are irreplaceable during various installation and renovation works. The offer includes knives with a broken blade and can clamps. When browsing the range, it is worth paying attention to classic pliers and knives for trimming materials. Such tools are characterized by versatile use, thanks to which they will certainly find use in every home.

Knives with a broken blade

Knives with a broken blade, available in the Wasserman store offer, are characterized by increased resistance to cracks and chipping. They are made of durable material, resistant to physical damage. They have an ergonomic plastic construction, ensuring a firm grip and comfort. Their handles have been specially profiled, making it easy to increase control and downforce. They are also equipped with magazines for additional blades. They are used when cutting carpets, gypsum boards, oilcloths, cardboard boxes and many other materials. And if the blade gets dull, just break it to enjoy the sharp tip again.

Pliers and crimp tools from well-known manufacturers - Hogert, Dedra, Kemot, Master, Hanlong, Import

In the Wasserman store you can find pliers and crimping tools from many well-known manufacturers. It's easy to get both universal and dedicated models for specific treatments. Hogert's versatile pliers will be useful during most jobs - both amateur and professional. Side pliers and precision pliers of the same brand will prove necessary during electrical installations. They will allow convenient and precise cutting of wires. The Master automatic stripping device will find similar applications. Used to prepare coaxial cables for applying connectors. The tool has a pair of adjustable knives designed for stripping insulation from various types of cables. The range also includes Hanlong cable crimping tools and Kemot can crimping tools.