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In the Wasserman store, you can obtain the necessary work clothing for work in accordance with the principles of health and safety. The offer includes mainly work trousers and blouses, but also gloves and masks. The products are dedicated to various activities - from mowing the garden to construction works. There were also clothes intended for cleaning. The clothes are made of high-quality materials and with attention to detail. Thanks to this, they ensure safety and hygienic conditions during various types of work.

Sweatshirts, shoes, glasses, work gloves and much more

The Wasserman online store offers, among other things, solid work shoes. They are characterized by a non-slip sole and a shock absorbing system. The steel toe box is also important, as it protects the fingers against even very strong blows. In addition to work shoes, the assortment includes, among others, safety glasses. They will prove necessary during all renovation and construction works. They will protect your eyes against filings and splinters. They are also very light and look quite fashionable. The Wasserman offer also includes a wide selection of sweatshirts, trousers and work gloves.

Workwear of well-known manufacturers - Hogert . Lahti . Dedra

The manufacturers of protective clothing inspire confidence. Clothes of brands such as Hogert, Lahti or Dedra are distinguished by solid workmanship, durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, they ensure work safety. It is worth mentioning, among other things, the dust masks that were included in the store's assortment. They will serve not only professionals working in difficult conditions. They can also be useful on a daily basis. How? For example, during home work in the boiler room, which is sometimes dusty with ash. For the sake of our health, it is worth reaching for work clothes even when performing home duties. An example would be cleaning gloves. We will probably reach for it less often knee pads tiling, dedicated to rather specific renovation works. The Wasserman store offer is a wide selection of products, among which everyone will find workwear that meets their needs.