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We must not confuse protective clothing with work clothing. These are two different categories. Workwear is aimed at

protection of the health of the employee and his own clothing, while protective clothing should protect people from work-related hazards. Against mechanical, chemical, thermal and weather hazards. In the case of protective clothing, in addition to trousers, sweatshirts, jackets and shoes, it also includes a number of additional OHS accessories such as helmets, protectors, goggles, masks, glasses and protective gloves.

Bet on proven brands Dedra . Hogert . Lahti Pro . Powermat at the Wasserman store

The Wasserman store offers not only work clothes, but also footwear and all the necessary accessories required by the health and safety regulations. When it comes to choosing workwear, the primary selection criterion is what it is intended for. Different clothes will be needed for the gardening, catering and medical industries, and different for mechanics or builders. Before making the final decision to buy, it is worth verifying one of the important elements, the way the workwear is made and the material from which it was made. The clothes sold at Wasserman's, coming from well-known manufacturers, are made of the highest quality materials, such as, for example, Oxford 600D fabric, from which it is sewn work sweatshirt , or blends 65% polyester 35% cotton as in trousers . Work shoes such as rubber boots, wellingtons whether sandals we have already established a good opinion on the market from producers. Galoshes will help in working in a wet environment, protecting our feet from moisture, and sandals or low shoes with non-slip soles and reinforced toes will protect our feet against injuries.

Work gloves, welding masks, dust masks, visors, glasses and knee pads at the Wasserman store

Work gloves or protective gloves, as well as work clothes, protect against dirt. They come in many variants depending on the manufacturer. The most common work gloves sold in our store are: denim, linen, cotton, reinforced with leather, latex, with nitrile, knitted, coated (coated), spotted and household gloves. Hogert or Dedra gloves are very manual and very durable. We recommend them for most home work, warehouse or gardening work. They are also suitable for mechanical work. Welding masks , in the offer of the Wasserman store, we divide into passive helmets (the welder chooses which filter he needs and installs it). Active welding helmets, otherwise self-dimming helmets, are equipped with a welding filter with automatic darkening. After starting welding, the filter automatically increases the shade level without causing glare, and brightens when the welding arc is turned off. Dust masks they have active carbon filters that protect against the harmful effects of aerosols made of solid and liquid particles. To complete the offer of workwear, you should not forget about knee pads. Coot We buy protective workwear to protect our knee joints during construction, finishing and even gardening works. When laying paving stones, hard pads will be the best, but for gardening work, rubber knee pads will work, while for finishing works, such as laying floors, we recommend gel knee pads, they will not damage or soil the panels or parquet.