Pipe welding machines

Anyone who is interested in DIY and likes to carry out repairs and renovations in their own home will appreciate the device, which is a pipe welding machine. It allows you to connect pipes made of various types of plastics. These have so many advantages that they are used in any installation. They are corrosion resistant, flexible, cheap and easy to install. No wonder that they can be found in every building. In order to create a tight and durable whole, it is necessary to weld them. You can do it yourself, as long as you have the appropriate equipment. That is why it is worth taking an interest in the devices available in the Wasserman store offer.

Welding of PP, PE, PB pipes

The professional pipe welding machines, which can be found in the Wasserman online shop, can be used with hoses made of a wide variety of materials. The set includes numerous fittings that facilitate tight connection of pipes of various sizes. The tools are also equipped with a very useful temperature control function, which makes them versatile. Thanks to this solution, pipes of different thicknesses and different material compositions can be joined. Such equipment will therefore allow welding of PP (polypropylene) pipes, welding of PE (polyethylene) pipes and welding of PB (polybutane) pipes.

Pipe welding machines from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Pansam, Powermat

The pin welding machines for pipes, available in the Wasserman store, come from the assortments of well-known manufacturers. Brand devices Pans They are distinguished by an attractive price-quality ratio. The set also includes a stand and a set of caps that allow simultaneous heating of the outer and inner surfaces of the joined elements. welders Dedra is a professional equipment that can be stored in the case attached to the set. It is used to connect pipes made of various plastics. Every DIY enthusiast and handyman should be equipped with a device of this type.