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Electric camping coolers are one of the most useful camping gadgets. Modern models perfectly cool food and drinks, keeping them fresh and at a low temperature. It is an indispensable device during all trips and camping. In-car coolers, available from the Wasserman store, hold a large supply of food and are easy to transport. Some models of refrigerators are multifunctional devices that offer not only cooling, but also heating. It is worth getting acquainted with the offer of the Wasserman store and choosing the perfect device for you.

Car touring refrigerators

12V tourist coolers have the advantage that they can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the car at any time. As a result, their interior remains cool all the time. The products may still remain at low temperatures when disconnected from the power supply. How? Thanks to cooling inserts. They need to be frozen in advance, and they will keep food and drink cool for a long time. Thermostatic coolers, which can be found in the offer of the Wasserman online store, are multi-functional. When choosing the right mode, the refrigerator can serve as a kind of "thermos". It will keep the temperature of a warm meal, coffee or tea. It is therefore a great solution if we take, for example, lunch to go.

Tourist refrigerators from famous manufacturers - Camry, Malatec, Ravanson

As you can see, travel refrigerators are widely used - especially while traveling. They greatly facilitate the transport of food and drinks. They will be useful not only during long car trips, camping, but also ordinary afternoon picnics, when we dream of a cold lemonade or other refreshing drink. It is worth getting a Camry tourist refrigerator, available from the Wasserman assortment. It is a product of a well-known brand, distinguished by functionality and durability. Another option worth recommending are the Ravanson or Malatec coolers.