Water filters, hydrophore pump

No matter if you have a home sewage treatment plant or a swimming pool in the garden or maybe a private drinking water intake for all these installations you will need filters. A different filter for each installation, working differently and with a different purpose. Our offer includes filters for various applications. Our polite employees will help in the selection.

Filters from well-known manufacturers Dafi . bros . Brita
Water filter with anionic resin was specially developed for removing nitrates from drinking water. High levels of nitrates in drinking water lead to anemia and cyanosis. Excess nitrate is harmful not only to humans, but also to farm animals. Nitrates get into the water mainly from fields and septic tanks, which is why such filters are recommended for homes with their own drinking water intakes and for farms. In turn polypropylene filters they not only absorb harmful nitrates from field fertilization and leaking septic tanks, but also filter water mechanically, remove sand, fine suspended solids, corrosion products, impurities washed away from the surface of hydraulic installations and fats from the water. In addition to these filters, you will also find with us carbon filters , effectively removing chlorine and its compounds as well as organic pollutants. By using such a filter, the taste of water is significantly improved, its color and odor disappear.

Cartridges, nipples and enzyme preparations
Appropriate systems are needed for all installations with filters. Among other things, connectors enabling connections in various configurations. The Wasserman store also offers enzymatic biodegradation preparations content of septic tanks and household sewage treatment plants. Such preparations are used not only to neutralize odor, but also to physically reduce the amount of sewage. This allows and limits the export of waste and prevents clogging of drains. Although the content of such preparations is very often similar, the manner of their use may already differ significantly. buying preparation for septic tanks and treatment plants , pay attention to whether the packaging contains instructions for use. Remember that a measure that is not used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions will not work. We also buy from reputable producers such as Bross. Systematic use Microbec`u Bross company reduces the frequency of emptying septic tanks, reduces the amount of sediments in tanks, liquefies their contents by facilitating biological decomposition or disposal.