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Gather the team before setting off. It is also worth making sure that our car is fully functional to avoid unpleasantness on the road. We don't want to be stopped by the police because of the broken lights or cause an accident by the broken wipers. It is equally important to check whether the battery will discharge (especially at lower temperatures) and whether the tires hold well to the road. In the first case, the tire tread depth gauge will help, and in the second case - car battery tester - both products can be found in our store.

Car battery testers

Each battery will need to be replaced sometime. This may occur sooner or later, depending on the age of the battery, its operating status or model. It is worth checking the battery level and its starting ability from time to time to avoid any unpleasant surprise, which is a car whose engine does not want to start after turning the key in the ignition. In our offer you will find a car battery tester, which will allow you to check the battery status in your car quickly and easily. Our voltmeter with LCD display will also allow you to monitor the voltage of the alternator. We install the battery tester in the on-board lighter socket, so its use does not require a greater philosophy.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Xtreme, LTC

Many components in the car wear out during everyday driving. This applies primarily to tires, because they are subject to gradual abrasion every day when in contact with asphalt - especially in the case of sudden braking or "burning of rubber" when starting from the lights. Tread wear has a negative effect on traction (you will feel it when cornering and when braking, the path of which will be extended), and thus eventually lead to an accident. To avoid this, we recommend checking the tire condition using a digital tire tread depth gauge LTC . The measurement is performed in several places around the tire circumference - the tread should wear evenly and its "height" should not fall below 3-4mm.