Safes and armored cabinets

Poland is one of the safest countries, but when we have valuable items and documents at home, it is worth reaching for additional security, such as an armored cabinet or an armored safe. In this way, when you are away from home, you will have greater peace of mind about the fate of valuables stored in them, and even items of very high sentimental value. In the Wasserman store, we offer you modern solutions. One of them is a biometric safe, which will make it even more difficult for potential thieves to gain access to its contents.

Fingerprint safe - general information

A modern fingerprint safe is a solution that will be perfect for offices and private homes. A device of this type has extended functionality and offers much more than an ordinary armored safe. In addition to the patent key, the standard code, we can use our fingerprints. The fingerprint safe can remember up to 20 different patterns, so the whole family can use it for home use. In turn, in the office, all trusted employees will have access to it. A good biometric safe should be made entirely of steel, thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and have no weak points in the event of a possible thief visiting. When protecting our valuables, we should ensure the highest quality. These are the advantages that characterize each fingerprint safe available in our range.

Armored cabinets for important documents

The armored cupboard at home is not a whim, even if our property and building are well secured. There is always a risk that thieves will get inside. A fingerprint safe can then be a salvation, even if we do not have a large sum of money and special valuables in the apartment. Most of us keep documents at home that, falling into the hands of unauthorized persons or simply losing them, can turn out to be very expensive and dangerous. Thieves who plunder a house tend to have no mercy, leaving a huge mess in it and sometimes taking or destroying anything that goes wrong. The armored cupboard, which we can additionally build, is an excellent guarantee of securing our documents against a possible visit of robbers. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Opticum.