"Smart House"

Each smart home must have appropriate detectors or sensors. Besides, the ideal complement to the alarms is the remote switching off and on of the lights. We will not mention here an absolute must have, i.e. an intercom or an electronic door viewer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the department's offer "Smart House"

Bet on Blow

Smoke detectors They will work in any house or apartment, regardless of the method of its heating. In the event of a fire, the device detects smoke that is generated in its first phase and thus effectively alerts the household members. Carbon monoxide and gas sensors are necessary in homes where heating is done by gas or other fuel. Chad is a silent killer, it has no smell, so it is imperceptible. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from our offer are sometimes equipped with additional functions, such as an LCD display informing about the level of CO in the room. Such a sensor is perfect, for example, in boiler rooms. How about a wattmeter? This simple device is equipped with a display or an electric current indicator. Such meters are perfect devices for home use, they will tell us exactly what consumes the most energy in our home. And you know twilight sensors ? The Maclean MCE34 sensor will automatically connect and disconnect the electric circuit when the current is lower than a certain level. What does this mean in practice? This means that, for example, a garden light will automatically turn on when it gets dark and then turn off when it gets light. We will mention high class here energy meter from e.g. the reputable company GreenBlue. What can this miracle do? It displays the current time, displays the mains voltages, displays the current consumption, displays the current load, sockets, displays and records the sum of electricity consumed, displays and records the total power-on time and energy charges, displays the mains frequency, power factor.

Intercoms, visors and sensors - Ferguson . Orno

Modern intercoms for a single-family house have many additional functions. Digital intercoms supported by a mobile application are the perfect solution for those who spend time away from their place of residence. In the event of a burglary or other incident, wireless intercoms with motion sensors will work, and the possibility of taking photos and recording videos will help in identifying the perpetrators. In the Wasserman store you can buy digital intercoms and doorbells of the highest class. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Ferguson, Green Blue or Schneider electric. And now the next question - is it worth investing in water flood sensor ? If you do not notice in time that a pipe has broken somewhere, that something is leaking, that it is starting to flood the basement, or that it is dripping under the bathtub, the water will flood not only you, but also your neighbor. Drying and repair costs can be double and no insurance will cover it in full. Once you have made up your mind and bought such a sensor, it will work best on the floor under the washbasin, by the toilet, under the bathtub, in the shower, under the washing machine, under the dishwasher, on the floor in the boiler room, under central heating and CW installations, and finally, on the garage floor. We cannot forget about basic protection of your home. Recorders and alarm systems provide constant supervision in a specific area. A comprehensive alarm system usually includes sound and light signaling devices and camera recorders, and access to the entire installation is provided by a keypad. IP cameras well-known producers - Blow, Ferguson, Hikvision . BCS . Media-Tech . Overmax characterized by high functionality and innovation. Overmax rotating IP cameras operate wirelessly and have a very wide adjustment range. They offer a night mode and are equipped with a microphone and a speaker. BCS tube IP cameras are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They transmit high-quality images day and night. Compact Hikvision IP cameras work similarly. They offer great parameters at an affordable price.