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A car jack is a tool that can often save us from oppression. If we do not run a plumbing workshop, we will probably not use it every day. Nevertheless, we should equip our car with a jack. You never know when it will be necessary to replace a wheel or repair another fault. Such problems can disable us on the road, and this can thwart many a plan. In the Wasserman store you will find solid hydraulic jacks and trapezoidal lifts. It's worth stocking up with one of them.

Car jacks

We can distinguish two types of jacks: hydraulic and trapezoidal lifts. The former do not require any use of force to act. They operate on the principle of a hydraulic press - they lift heavy objects with the help of non-freezing liquid, pushing one of the jack pistons. Trapezoidal jacks require more effort. They work thanks to a tight or loose screw with a fine thread. This is the most common type of lift - it is cheap, light and very easy to use. This makes it eagerly used as an element of the basic equipment of the car. The Wasserman store offer includes both advanced hydraulic jacks and simple trapezoidal models. Thanks to this, everyone will find equipment that suits their needs.

Lifts from well-known manufacturers - Powermat, Geko

The lifts available in the Wasserman store come from assortments of renowned manufacturers. Car hydraulic jacks Powermat  are professional tools that are used in both workshops and private garages. They are characterized by a solid construction that ensures long and trouble-free operation. At the same time, they remain small, which translates into their mobility. They are handy and simple, but they can easily handle a load of up to five tons! Trapezoidal jacks Geko  they are characterized by even smaller dimensions, but they will only lift 1.5 tonnes. They are a less advanced solution, designed for ordinary drivers.