Wood grinders

A manual wood grinder is a highly specialized equipment designed for final smoothing of the surface of processed materials. It is used both for finishing edges of wood and metal. In the Wasserman store, you can find not only classic orbital wood sanders, but also disk-belt sanders. Each of them will be useful in slightly different circumstances, but having at least one of them in your home workshop is essential.

Orbital and disk-belt sanders

Orbital grinders are used for the processing of flat surfaces and rough grinding of rounded surfaces. They are small in size, which makes it possible to reach hard-to-reach places, such as the corners of objects. The precision of the grinding is determined by the high frequency of vibrations and their small amplitude. Belt grinders are stationary devices that work only in a straight line. By substituting various objects under the abrasive belt, we obtain perfectly smooth surfaces. It is a fairly simple tool, but very effective. Depending on the abrasive used, we can sand various materials - both wood and metal.

Wood grinders from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Vulcan Concept

The devices available in the Wasserman store offer are products of well-known brands. Wood grinder Dedra it will be used to process both large surfaces and small details. During work, she is silent, which translates into the comfort of use. It leaves the material smooth and completely uniform. Wood grinder Vulcan Concept perfectly combines functionality with an affordable price. Although it is not the first choice when equipping a workshop, it is definitely worth getting. It will be especially useful for carpenters, but not only. The belt grinder can be used, for example, as a sharpener for small metal elements - such as knives, for example.