Electric razors for men

The days of razors and barbers have long since passed. The days when men were limited to razor blades were forgotten. Today, comfort is provided by an electric shaver with a trimmer. Advanced models not only guarantee a close shave to smooth skin, but also allow you to trim your hair, allowing you to wear well-groomed facial hair for several days. Machines available on the market operate on the basis of various systems, so before buying it is worth considering why exactly our device should be used.

Electric razors for men

Men's electric razors differ in the technology they use. On the market there are - in addition to the hair trimmers that often perform the function of a trimmer - two types of face shavers: plastic and head shavers. The electric razor foil contains a protective film through which the hairs get to the blades underneath. It can consist of one, two or even three blades. The more you shave more accurately. The men's electric head shaver is made of cutting heads that adapt to the shape of the face and therefore shave precisely. It can have from one to even five heads.

Electric trimmer with trimmer

Not everyone wants to shave their face to zero. Some men try to grow a beard or decide to wear a few days of stubble. Both, however, require regular cutting or trimming so that the face looks neat and does not deter from neglect. Then the electric trimmer comes with the help. This is a very convenient solution for quick shaving and minimizing the risk of jams. The trimmer can also be an addition to the usual foil or head razor, used to regulate sideburns or to get rid of nose and ear hair.

The men's shavers available in the Wasserman store are wireless devices that guarantee comfort of use combined with efficiency. A high-quality electric razor is a must-have item for a modern man. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Mesko, Eldom and Moser.