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Routers are not the first choice for supplying a home workshop. They are more often found in art studios and carpentry workshops. They perform the function of a modern chisel, grinder and many hand tools. They are necessary equipment when working with wood and even with some soft metal alloys. They allow us to profile the edges, cut decorative shapes or perform artistic finishes. In the Wasserman store you will find high-quality wood router.


Operation of routers is not at all complicated. The templates attached to the set make the work much easier. They make the cutters obtained by us maintain full repeatability of patterns. The range of capabilities of these devices is not limited by anything except the number of templates we have. In addition, milling machines have smooth speed control and switch lock, which translates into convenient use of the equipment. They are also equipped with handles for quick clamping of cutters, which definitely facilitates work. The set with the device includes templates, necessary keys and handles, as well as carbon brushes.

Milling machines of the well-known manufacturer - Powermat

The Wasserman offer includes professional milling machines Powermat . The equipment of this manufacturer is characterized by high durability and performance. It is characterized by high power, variable speed with considerable range and low weight. A manual router will be useful for anyone who works with carpentry or sculpture. Not only furniture but also tasteful decorations are made of wood processed in this way. It is therefore worth equipping your workshop with this type of equipment. It is characterized by its universal character and quite versatile application.