Sandpaper and cubes

The saying "hang on like a velcro on a dog's tail" means a strong and difficult to break connection due to the physical properties of both the burdock fruit (colloquially called "Velcro"), which is covered with small hooks, and the fur on the tail of the quadruped, in which the hooks are they stick easily. The Velcro material (also known colloquially as "Velcro") works in a similar way and is readily used in the clothing industry, but also in the construction industry - for example, sandpaper is mounted on grinders with Velcro.

Products from the well-known manufacturer Powermat

Velcro sanding sheets are a convenient solution, thanks to which we can easily replace the sanding surface - when there is a need to sand another material or when the material will gradually deteriorate with use. We distinguish sandpaper based on the following physical factors:

  • shape (triangle, circle),
  • diameter (depending on the size of the grinder),
  • different gradation (depending on the material we are going to grind),
  • different number of vents through which the dust is sucked.

All the above sandpaper parameters vary depending on the type of material being sanded and the type of sander (eccentric sanders use circular-shaped paper, and orbital sanders use triangle-shaped paper).

Time for details

We will choose paper with lower gradation for grinding softer materials or for finishing work, while larger granulation will be used for processing harder materials and more aggressive work. When choosing the appropriate paper granulation, pay attention to the number next to the letter "P" in the product description - the smaller the number, the greater the abrasion effect. Brand products Powermat are sold individually or in sets of five identical pieces. We can use sandpaper dry and wet, and with the method with the use of pleasures, we have to choose a higher granulation and soak the paper itself in cold water before use. For devices that operate at higher speeds, paper with a lower granulation is intended, and the principle works both ways.