A food vacuum sealer is a simple device that can make our daily life much easier. It allows you to pack food in such a way that it stays fresh for a long time. What's more, this system makes it much easier to transport food. Now there will be no problem with bringing food on board the plane or transporting it in a tightly packed backpack. The Wasserman store offers not only devices from well-known manufacturers, but also high-quality bags for Profi Cook and Fresh World welding machines.

Vacuum welders from well-known manufacturers - Profi Cook, Fresh World

In the assortment of the Wasserman store you can find professional equipment for vacuum food packaging. They remove air from plastic bags and weld them tightly, quickly and easily. As a result, food products remain fresh and suitable for consumption longer.

A home vacuum packing machine will also be perfect for organizing food in the refrigerator. You can easily use it to freeze meats, vegetables and other dishes. No preservatives are needed - food naturally packed will retain all nutritional values ​​and vitamins.

In addition to being used for food, the sealers can be used to pack any item that is sized to do so. This is a good way to save space when filling your suitcase. Our items can be packed separately in foil, and unnecessary air will not waste valuable space.

Rolls and bags for welding machines

The Wasserman store also offers rolls for the Profi Cook sealer and bags for the Fresh World packer. Before joining the devices, they pump air out of the packaging, which delays the food oxidation process.

No oxygen gets inside and no odors come out. This makes hermetically packed food perfect for transport. Sealing bags will withstand harsh conditions and will protect the food packed in them. This means that vacuum sealers can be successfully used before camping trips or backpacking trips.