Chain saws

Chainsaws available at the Wasserman store can handle all work that requires cutting, trimming and cutting. Our products are characterized by lightness, durability and efficiency. You can buy both petrol and electric or battery saws from us.

 Electric, battery or petrol saw - Powermat . Verto . Dedra John Gardener
 For gardening they are enough electric chainsaw models . Various models of such a device are available in the Wasserman store. You will find here, for example, an electric saw with a branch arm, its ergonomic shape is economical and comfortable to use. We also recommend electric wood saws from John Gardener. Such saws are extremely efficient, safe and solid. The chains in such saws are automatically lubricated, the devices are well-profiled with a perfectly placed center of gravity. The saws have a safety brake. In addition to the above-mentioned John Gardener brand, in the Wasserman store you will find Powermat, Verto or Dedra chain saws. And in addition to those powered by electricity, we also have battery saws. The VERTO cordless chainsaw is equipped with a safety brake, automatic chain lubrication system and oil level indicator. And if you need power and strength you will find chainsaws on the store shelves. Such a saw can handle even more serious gardening or carpentry work. Has anti-vibration function and safety brake.

 No saw will go far without spare parts
 We have the Wasserman store offer spare parts  for various devices. You can buy e.g. a Dedra guide bar for saws from us. It is part of the chainsaw resistant to distortion and mechanical damage. It is dedicated to Dedra DED8701 and DED8702 chainsaws. Most manufacturers recommend using accessories dedicated specifically to specific equipment, then they are perfectly matched in terms of the specifics of the saw. The guide from Dedra will allow you to use more intensively and will last longer than guides from an unknown source. Remember that it is the proper condition of the chain and our safety that depend on the condition of the guide bar. In addition to the guides, you will get a chain recommended for Dedra DED8701, DED8702. Remember that good chain tension is the most important thing. Too tight a chain will quickly wear out and cause faster wear of the guide bar, while too loose - it may fall off the bar or even break off. We have one more remark regarding work with saws, they are dangerous devices and therefore it is worth buying a helmet with a face shield and hearing protectors  and keep your feet stiff and hard footwear .